How it Works

Once the troubled areas are identified a customized plan is put into place that will attack the obstacles to success and customized goals are established that will ensure improved performance. These goals will be monitored on a regular basis. The result is success in overall functioning which includes, but is not limited to, an enhanced perspective on life, better personal relationships, academic/professional success and sobriety (if one is struggling with addictions). The approach works by helping the client identify not only the issues causing the blocks (weaknesses), but also personal assets (strengths), the individualized plan will identify strategies to minimize and eliminate the weaknesses while capitalizing the strengths. The result is permanent change for the better.

Who is a good candidate for the GoForward Program?

Not all clients have addictions or substance abuse issues, but the approach taken at GoForward coaching is uniquely equipped to deal with these issues and understands how they coexist with and complicate the frustration which interferes with successful goal-completion. Sometimes people turn to drugs and alcohol for various reasons. For some it’s the frustration of not finding success in relationships, school or business. For others the root may be emotional causes. Regardless of the cause or the self-defeating behaviors, GoForward coaching will help the individual overcome the challenges that are holding them back from success and a feeling of satisfaction that one gets from living life to its fullest. Each program is custom created to suit the individual client’s needs. It all starts with an assessment to understand each client individually as no two people or programs will be exactly the same. In the GoForward program, clients and the coach design a plan that will address the issues that are creating blocks to goal attainment.

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