What Is a Performance/Recovery Coach?

Similar to a life coach, a Performance/Recovery coach is a specialized lifestyle professional who focuses on assisting clients to go forward in all facets of their lives. In this day and age many people report feeling “stuck,” or not living up to their potential. Typical roadblocks to optimal performance usually include emotional issues, such as depression and anxiety and alcohol/substance abuse.

What makes GoForward Coaching unique?

The GoForward approach is effective for several reasons. For one, the emphasis is focused on client’s who want to boost personal performance (not just restore it to a prior level of functioning) in relationships, social functioning, academic or career achievement. In addition, many individuals are stifled in these domains by overwhelming emotions and/or addictions (usually substance abuse). The GoForward program is specifically equipped to address these issues and through a comprehensive program called “The IDEAL Self,” clients are given the tools to combat these issues and live the life of fulfillment and content beyond their wildest dreams.

We provide an emphasis on skills to execute in the sales process and tools that enable your sales people to succeed.

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